What happened during July 2020?Results of July 2020

Another month has passed and it is time to reflect again on what happened with my Mirror Trading International account. Mirror Trading International is all about Growing your Bitcoin.

The performance were still consistent, even though we had experienced one negative trading day (7th July) the daily average is still more than 0.4%. The monthly average for July 2020 were 9,2% – a very healthy growth. But that is not all, the price of bitcoin was $9 214 on 1st of July, and on 31st July it was $11 680, an increase of 26%. That means that my bitcoin has increased by 35% during July.

The trading profits is only one of the income streams of MTI. The management of MTI does not make use of any traditional means for their advertising (traditional as in Radio, Television, or printed media), but has decided to go the rout of rewarding individuals (or members of MTI) when they successfully introduced someone to the opportunity.

This has developed into a very powerful and lucrative referral system for those who decide to participate in it (it is totally optional). We have embraced the opportunity and as a result we were able to cover more than 60% of our monthly household expenditure of July with income from Mirror Trading International.  This business is really starting to provide a truly passive income for us as a family.


The following is a summary of my and my wife’s accounts of all 5 streams of income since we have started with MTI

Our Income results July

We are looking forward to August and are in anticipation of great results.

If you would like to get in touch with me, you are welcome leave a reply in the comments below.

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