Growth during August: 7.408%

The average trading results for August was not as good as the previous months, but it was still far better than any other growth that would be achieved by an standard banking institution. The growth varied between 0.095% and  0.877% per day with no negative trading days. The month average was 7.408% which relates to 88.9% per year.

Diversify within MTI

The trading bonuses are only one of the income streams available from MTI. If you are only an investor, this is the income stream relevant to you. The other 4 income streams are optional and any one can become part of it. These income streams are created from the referral program that has been implemented by MTI to advertise and grow the MTI brand and business. MTI allows you , as an investor, to create your own business within the MTI structure and you will be able to establish real passive income streams for you and your family for the years to come. This option is something not to miss out on and many people underestimate the power of it.

A Quick recap of income streams.

As a member of MTI, you will have access to 5 streams of income, these are:

  • Daily trading bonus (40% of the Daily Trading Profits).
  • Referral commissions on advertising MTI to others (10% Direct Once-off Referral Bonus).
  • Weekly binary Profit Sharing (20% of company’s Weekly gross Profits).
  • P1 Leadership bonus (2.5% of company’s Weekly gross Profits).
  • P2 Leadership bonus (2.5% of company’s Weekly gross Profits).

For a complete explanation of the business model, please see the follow this link.

How we have implemented the MTI system.

We have planned our MTI business to be able to create for us a monthly passive income and also to be a vehicle to provide an inheritance fund for each one of our children, their wives as well as our grandchildren. I have signed up my wife in my left leg and my business (a Closed Corporation) in my right leg. We have placed my wife’s 3 children in her left leg and my 3 children in my wife’s right leg. We have started by allocating our available funds as follows: in my account 6.8%, my wife’s account 88.8% and in my business account 4.4% of the capital we had available. We then made use of the trading profits and weekly bonuses to start funding the children’s and grand children’s accounts.

It took us about 2 months to get this all in place while we were also inviting other people (friends and family) to become part of MTI and so building our business stronger and stronger.  I am truly impressed with the results up to date:

  • The children’s Inheritance Portfolio is already at 82.9% of the capital value we have started with
  • Our total current balance (my own, my wife’s  & my Business account) is 86.6% of what we have started with, and
  • We have already withdrew 108,1% of the capital invested.

The total growth of our capital was more than 277%, this is now in a period of 124 days, just over 4 months, which work out to an average of 69% per month. Compare this now to the average of 0.6% per month that you might receive from a normal bank savings account. No wonder the FSCA is totally freeking out – the banks are loosing out big time – and they can do nothing about it.

Join Mirror Trading International now!

It is free to join MTI, the minimum recommended amount to start with is $100 worth of Bitcoin, but you are welcome to start with less than that, if you first want to test the waters.

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